The Stingl Eye Clinic is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective medical care.  As an Essential Community Provider under the Affordable Care Act, we see patients without regard to their ability to pay.  We do accept donations which are usually tax deductable..   However, we do take people to court who receive money from an insurance company for our services and keep it without paying us.  So if you have received money from an insurance company for our services and we have gotten paid nothing, be sure to contact us to arrange a fair settlement and payment plan.  Our goal is to impress you so greatly with the quality and caring in serving you and our commitment to the implementation of functional and integrative medicine that you tell your friends, relatives, neighbors about the wonderful experience you had at the Stingl Eye Clinic.  After comparing our care we hope you join others who are moved to volunteer or give financial support.


If you have Medicare or Health First insurance (the only insurances accepted), we would be honored if you chose us for your ophthalmic care.  By coming to our clinic, you will help to provide care for many other worthy individuals who are without insurance or underinsured.


Most patients wanting to prevent or reverse Alzheimer's Disease should be prepared to pay out of pocket, especially for the testing, which is not usually covered by any insurance.  

We do not accept Medicaid because the reimbursment for ophthalmic services is so paltry it is not cost effective for us to try to collect it.  We would rather see those Medicaid dollars directed to primary care providers who are struggling to survive.

Additional Fees:


There may be fees for completion of forms for use outside of the patient's medical record, including:

If you have any questions contact our clinic directly at 321-345-4002

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